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COURSE STATUS - December 2016

The purpose of using temporary greens or fairway mats or closing the course is to protect it from damage. There are many factors to consider and not all are apparent to the naked eye. Course closure or the use temporary greens is never taken lightly and is never the easy option. It is done to protect our biggest asset so we have a quality course when better weather arrives.

From Monday to Friday an early morning inspection will take place when there is sufficient daylight and any changes to the course status will be available from either the starter and via Twitter or Facebook. The decision to open or close the course, or use temporary greens and mats is the Course Managers or in his absence the Deputy Course Manager, as is the decision to lift any restrictions. Any green on a temporary surface after 11 am will remain there for the rest of the day. The greens are considered individually not en masse, for example: the sheltered 7th green is often frozen all day when others greens closer to the sea have thawed.

At weekends:
As above, except any green on temporary after 9:30 am will remain there for the rest of the day.


When will Course Inspections take place?

The course will be inspected at first light each morning by the Greenkeeping staff.

How will members and visitors be notified?

The Club will continue to inform members and visitors who have existing bookings for the day by phone call and generally by updating the course conditions information on Option 5 on the Club answer machine on 01620 892726. In addition to this, the Club will update its Facebook and Twitter feeds.

Why are we updating the Club's Facebook and Twitter feeds?

Telephoning members or visitors with bookings for that day is of limited benefit as we can only inform one member or visitor at a time. Additionally, there is a delay between the decision being taken and members or visitors being made aware. These social media feeds are quick way of communicating the closure of the course as these can be updated as soon as the decision has been taken.

What happens if the weather deteriorates as badly as the winter of 2015/2016?

This notification process will be kept under review over the course of the winter. In the event that weather or course conditions are such that a decision is taken to close the course for a prolonged period then appropriate additional steps will be taken to communicate this to members and visitors. Any changes to the notification process will be published on the Club's website and the noticeboards.


Date TBC, the 3rd hole will be landscaped at the area between the wall and the 2 trees on the left. This will make access to the lower part much easier and safer. A temporary tee will be in position on the right of the fairway near to the 150 yard marker, this will allow the greens staff to complete the work in this blind spot safely. 

Course Manager Des Kerr
Greens Convenor Jim Sears