Seniors News


FRIDAY 28 April 2017
ENTRY FEE £10.00 to include soup and sandwiches

For a list of tee times, see below.

This year the match is hosted by the Seniors.  We have agreed that the format will be a Stableford Mixed Greensomes in groups of 4 (i.e. two teams at each tee time), each team using half their combined national handicaps.  We hope that this will encourage more players from each side.

Note that there will be no Seniors’ “Bounce Game” on this date.

Soup and sandwiches will be served as each team finishes their round. Prizes and speeches (if any!) will take place as soon as the last team has finished.

Tee times and pairing are as follows;

10:18  Betty Caw (29)/John Lyndsey (12) and Helen Seward (15)/Ian Farquharson (20)

10:27 Christian Blake (19)/Denis Rourke (19) and June Elliot (19)/Dave Murphy (19)

10:36 Anne Littlefair (20)/Douglas Shiell (17) and Barbara Baiku (22)/Colin Johnston (17)

10:45 Janice McLeod (22)/Chris Gay (16) and Wendy Gootjes (23)/Steve Albiston (16)

10:54 Ali Carslaw (24)/Alan Reid (16) and Maureen Sharpe (24)/Graham Noble (16)

!1:03 Jackie Corbett (26)/Colin Fairgrieve (14) and Bobbie Paul (31)/Dave Whitlow (10)

11:12 Pauline Owen (29)/Mark Coke (12) and Marion Curry (12)/Bill Dew (20)

11:21 Liz Westcott (29)/Stuart McGillivrey (11) and Carol Biggar (28)/John Corbett (13)

11:30 Diana Blackett (35)/Jim Sear (9) and Diana King (18)/Tom Hardie (19)